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I make gifs and edits of shows and movies I enjoy.
I like to chat about my favorite things with others.
I enjoy music and love to play around with my dogs.
I can multiship and ship both het and slash ships.

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Supernatural, Spartacus, Defiance
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Spartacus Rewatch Gifs (tag)
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steorie replied to your post: I’m going to finally be getting the Bl…

i would love screencaps from the blu rays. *_* but only if its possible? the screencaps i found so far werent as good as blu ray caps. :)

So I will do episodes and caps for you all. I can’t tell you exactly when but I’ll do it :)

I’m going to finally be getting the Blu-rays of Spartacus and wanted to know if anyone is interested in rips of the episode? Especially since they’re extended? It wont be for a little bit but I thought I’d poll you guys now. 

I think I forgot how to photoshop.

You know that one character you love so much that you ship him/her with everyone and anyone as long as they’re happy, baring only a few you can’t see them with?

I have a lot of those characters. 

I’m just going to watch all the shows. 

Hey, it may be an April Fool’s Joke but I like the top hot! Can I keep it?

H50 blogs or blogs who posts gifs, edits, etc of H50?

A very close friend, who I just found out was a Teen Wolf fan, has just joined Tumblr! 

She’s very sweet and a sister to me and even though she just started a tumblr and hasn’t posted anything yet, you won’t regret following her. So follow Jenny

I made an icons page! Only one so far but I plan on making a bunch as I re-familiarize myself with PS.